SAR Model Co. Products


A product range produced specially by Junction Models which is also available through other Hobby Shops are the ‘SAR MODEL COMPANY’ HO scale kits.

As the website for this company has long been out of action (and un-updated) we have decided it would be sensible to have the information on the current range available here for your perusal. Included are some items which are ‘Junction Models’ brand.

All items are HO scale. (Pictures will be added in future)



‘ATCO’ HUT- A simple  5-piece resin kit that makes a thoroughly useful ‘transportable’ temporary building suited for any South Australian based layout from the 1960s to today.


800, 850, 860 class carriage kits- simple to build SAR cars. Available in single kit packs or in multiples in the case of the 800 and 850 cars.

800 class: Steam era suburban coach. No baggage compartment.

850 class: Steam Era suburban baggage car.

860 class: Red Hen Baggage car, occasionally used as a suburban car.



Red Hen Railcars: Popular kit of the classic SA Railcars. Both the 300 and 400 cars are produced, each kit being sold in an attractive wooden box, with both unpowered and powered kit versions produced. Available kits are: 300 class 2 car kit, 400 class single car kit, 300 and 400 class box set (1 of each type). SPUD power units are supplied with powered kits.


F CLASS 4-6-2T: This kit is mostly phased out though enquiries as to availability are welcome. Brass and Pewter kit with the buyer needing only paint and couplers to complete.



A new product carried is the useful Optic light carrying fibre, perfect for lighting rollingstock. Available in .75, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 sizes.



DC HAND CONTROLLER: Junction Models produces a reliable 4 pin 12v dc controller designed to plug into a socket on your layout. (transformer not included)